Friday, 19 May 2017

HYPNOGORIA 56 - Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm Part I

In the first episode of a special two-part investigation, Mr Jim Moon ventures into the darkest part of the woods to investigate a most mysterious unsolved case. In 1943, some boys made a most macabre discovery in Hagley Woods, near Birmingham - the skeleton of a woman buried within a hollow tree... Who was she? Was this murder? Was witchcraft involved? And who was responsible for the cryptic graffiti that began to appear - "Who put Bella down the wych elm?" 

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solar penguin said...

Spooky coincidence. Yesterday I was visiting the midands and and actually went through Hagley and Old Hill. Then I checked your blog and found this. Creepy... :O

But, yeah, seriously, I like your point that we shouldn't assume witchcraft was involved just because the tree was a wych elm. If it had been a Scots Pine, that wouldn't mean the SNP was involved!

Anonymous said...

I was going to say something about the organisation mentioned by Mr Penguin and witch hunts but will refrain in case it appears in some cyber-Nat's google search for people to accuse of "un-Scottishness". Last thing Moon needs is some bizzaros trying to separate the top end of his blog from the bottom end.

Jim Moon said...

It certainly is interesting to wonder how the perception of this curious case would have been different if "Bella" had been found inside a different type of tree, in woodland without a witchy sounding name. In my researches I did come across the claim that the actually tree wasn't a wych elm but a related species - a misidentification that played well for the press. However as the original tree is gone now, once again it's impossible to say if there's any truth in that...

Anonymous said...

If you really want to ruin a Scotsmans life, especially a Heilan Man, then cut down his Rowan tree. He'll be defenceless against witchcraft.
Although far from a hugger,myself, I'm quite into trees.

Marc Metcalfe said...

I've just sat down and listened to Part I and I must say what a puzzle it really is. Very well written and presented as always Mr. Moon. Many thanks.......